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Cook Islands Lawyers

As an active international finance center for thirty years, the Cook Islands boasts excellent legal resources to assist clients with their legal needs.

For independent legal opinions, Mortgage registration and corporate work, or litigation, the Cook Islands has experienced lawyers ready to assist.  Maritime Cook Islands recommends:

Charles Little & Heinz Matysik
Little & Matysik P.C.
PO Box 167
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Phone: +682 21 619
Fax: +682 21 615
Email: heinz@lawyers.co.ck
Web: Little & Matysik P.C.

Tim Arnold P.C.
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Phone: +682 23 569
Fax: +682 23 568
Email: goloco@steamshed.co.ck

Martha Henry
Mason P.C.
PO Box 325
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Phone: +682 26 608
Email: marthahenry11@gmail.com

Tina Browne & Karen Harvey
Browne Harvey & Associates P.C.
PO Box 429
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Phone: +682 24 567
Fax: +682 24 561
Email: law@browneharvey.co.ck
Web: Browne Havery & Associates P.C.

Katherine Fitzgerald
Barrister & Solicitor
PO Box 2145
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Phone: +682 23 699
Cell (CI): +682 80 586
Cell (NZ): +64 21844469
Email: teremoana@me.com

DISCLAIMER: MCI accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of the legal advice obtained from attorneys and is not involved in any way with the attorney-client relationship between these attorneys (whether obtained from a list of attorneys or through a preferred provider) and their respective clients. This information is provided purely as a courtesy and convenience.