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Welcome to MarItIme cook Islands
Open Register for Ships and YACHTS

Cook Islands operates an open register for ships and yachts via a network of Deputy Registrars around the world.

Maritime Cook Islands performs all Flag State duties for the Cook Islands government through an agreement with the Ministry of Transport.

As a ship or yacht owner, you can easily qualify to register ships or yachts through membership of the Cook Islands Ship Owners Association (CISOA) or Cook Islands Yacht Squadron (CIYS) or by establishing a Cook Islands International Company or by registering an existing Foreign Company on the Cook Islands International Companies Register.

Cook Islands requires that all ships that fly our flag comply with all of the relevant international maritime conventions but we do not impose any additional requirements beyond IMO Conventions and IACS Unified Interpretations.

Our ship or yacht registration process is simple and efficient and can be completed with assistance of your nearest Deputy Registrar.

We issue Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention Certificates and Bunkers Convention Certificates to ships registered in non-State parties with valid Blue Cards from an approved P&I Insurer. Our online application process is simple and efficient and is accessible from anywhere in the world, 24/7 over 365 days a year.

NWRC Certificates

The Cook Islands has acceded to the Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007 which entered into force on the 14th April 2015.

Registered owners of ships above 300GT will need insurance cover arrangements, which meet the requirements of the Convention.  The Convention provides a strict liability, compensation and compulsory insurance regime for States affected by a maritime casualty. It makes the registered owner of a ship liable for locating, marking and removing a wreck deemed to be a hazard in a State’s Convention area.


Merchant Ship Services

Maritime Cook Island is devoted to providing a world class open registry that offers  a high standard of quality, safety and environment protection. With a world wide network of Deputy Registrars and technical staff, we ensure a professional, fast and efficient service in your time zone.  There has been a steady growth in the fleet over the past two years.


Yacht Registration Services


With over 200 yachts on the register, Maritime Cook Islands has increased it yacht fleet exponentially since 2011.   Maritime Cook Islands, with its’  international network of Deputy Registrars, agents, and technical support, is able to provide same day service.   There is a choice of  three different registration periods: 1, 3 or 5 years.  Yacht registration will be completed within 24 hours by Maritime Cook Islands efficient and professional staff,  (provided all the required documentation is submitted).


Deputy Registrars

Maritime Cook Islands (MCI) is a Cook Islands-based company working internationally. In order to serve customer needs in your area and time zone, we have developed a reliable worldwide network of Deputy Registrars.

For ship registration queries, please contact the Deputy Registrar nearest you.

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