The STCW Convention 1978, as amended, as well as the Maritime Labour Convention, establishes that all seafarers are required to have on board a valid medical certificate and it is the responsibility of the ship’s Master to verify that all seafarers, on joining the vessel have valid medical certificates.

The Conventions mandate that such a certificate is valid for a maximum of two years and must be issued by a medical practitioner authorised in his/her country for the issue of seafarer’s medical certificates.

Cook Islands requires that medical practitioners issuing medical certificates to seafarers making an application for endorsement of CoC be –

(i) Be a licensed physician with independence from employers, workers and their representatives in exercising medical judgment with respect to examination procedures;

(ii) Be experienced in general and occupational medicine or maritime occupational medicine;

(iii) Have knowledge of the living and working conditions on board ships, gained either through special instruction or through personal experience of seafaring; and

(iv) Be familiar with the IMO/WHO publications, Guidelines for Conducting Pre-Sea and Periodic Medical Fitness Examinations for Seafarers (ILO/WHO/D.2/1997) available here or by using the address below

Below is a sample of the medical examination certificate template made available to seafarers intending to work on Cook Islands flagged vessels. Alternatively templates may be requested from or the Deputy Register of the vessel, or in your area.