In accordance with the principles of minimum safe manning contained in the the Assembly Resolution 1047(27), and in compliance with the relevant SOLAS Convention regulations and STCW Convention standards, 

Maritime Cook Islands requires all its registered vessels to which article III of the STCW Convention, as amended, applies, to be manned in a sufficient, effective and efficient manner and to carry a Minimum Safe Manning Certificate.

Prior to registration, an owner must submit their minimum safe manning proposal for approval by MCI Technical Department. 

The manning levels for commercial yachts are defined in the Cook Islands Large Yacht Code , and in the Cook Islands Small Yacht Code; MSM guidance tables for all the other types of vessels can be provided by MCI upon request.

Every Cook Islands flagged vessel that is required to carry a Minimum Safe Manning Certificate must have onboard the prescribed complement of officers and qualified ratings as specified therein. The vessel’s manning is verified for compliance with the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate during the vessel’s annual inspection.

Seafarer Nationality

There are no restrictions as to the nationality of seafarers employed on Cook Islands flagged vessels.