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Maritime Cook Islands: Saving Shipowners time and money

Flag State Administrators of the Cook Islands Open Ship Registry

Cook Islands operates an Open Register for Ships and Yachts.  Maritime Cook Islands performs the Flag State responsibilities on behalf of the Cook Islands Ministry of Transport. 

Cook Islands has a stable democratic government with a legal and political system based on English Law.  It is a leading Pacific Small Island State and is often held up as a role model.

Cook Islands is a well established Offshore Jurisdiction. Corporations are easy to maintain and administer.  There are no returns required or Tax to pay for ships registered in the Cook Islands. 

Ship Registration and Yacht Registration processes are designed to be as quick, simple and user friendly as possible whilst ensuring that the requirements of the Cook Islands Maritime Legislation and IMO Conventions to which Cook Islands is a party are complied with and that owners and mortgagee’s interests are protected. For example Maritime Cook Islands will accept electronic documents and Cook Islands Deputy Registrar’s are authorized to certify and duly validate documents.

Cook Islands does not impose additional requirements on ship owners beyond the requirements of IMO Conventions read together with the IACS Unified Interpretations.

Maritime Cook Islands works through Agents and Deputy Registrars around the world. Deputy Registrars are authorized to issue Cook Islands Certificates, Acknowledgment Letters and exemptions – saving shipowners time and money. 

Cook Islands has appointed IACS Class Societies and a few others as Recognised Organisations and maintains a global network of Flag State Surveyors. In certain circumstances ship owners can elect to get their Statutory Certificates from Flag rather than Class.

The Cook Islands Online Registry Environment (CIORE) is the web enabled Ship Register, which can be used by Deputy Registrars and Agents to find and update information about Cook Islands registered ships and yachts, process applications and generate and issue certificates.  This means that applications can be processed from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day 365 days a year once again saving shipowners time and money.

Cook Islands will issue Bunkers Convention Certificates to Ships registered in Non State Parties, provided they have a valid Blue Card from an approved P&I Insurer.  Cook Islands has an online application process for the issuance of Bunkers Convention Certificates subject to the conditions for the International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001.  

Click here for Bunkers

Cook Islands actively participates at the International Maritime Organization(IMO) where our independence, experience and expertise is highly valued by the secretariat. Cook Islands seeks to exert its influence in a positive manner and protect the interests of shipowners, whilst at the same time supporting the IMO vision of “Safe Secure Shipping on clean oceans”.


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